Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Title Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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Notes Calgary, Alberta
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Description Printed verso: "Royal Canadian Mounted Police at Calgary, Alberta, Canada, The 'Royal Canadian Mounted Police' was organized by the Canadian government to 'maintain law and order' in its vas 'northwest territories.' It was the called the 'Northwest Canadian Mounted Police'. No man can become a member of this force unless he is known to be brave, loyal, absolutely honest, strong, active, and well able to ride and shoot. From the very beginning this remarkable organization has had in its ranks a high grade of men, fearless, self-reliant, and able to think and act in emergencies. In performing their duty, which is to 'maintain order,' their tasks are often varied. Along the border they prevent smuggling. At times they carry mails, they report broken bridges and bad roads, they fight forest fires, and when they track criminlas their motto is 'Get the man.' During a few years of its history, Canada had much trouble with the Indians. One tale of those days, the story of 'The Saskatchewan Rebellion,' is known by every Canadian school child. A band of 200 Indians fled to the United States in order to escape punishment. They were escorted back to the border by the United States Cavalry. At the 'line' the American officers were met by four members of the Northwest Canadian Mounted Police. In surprise they were asked, 'Where's the escort for these Indians?' The calm reply was, 'Here we are.' The four 'Mounties' then proceeded to escort the 200 Cree rebels to their destination, 100 miles away, with no trouble whatever. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police now cover all of Canada from coast to coast. Alone or in small groups they patrol thousands of square miles in fair and stormy weather, in summer and also in winter when the thermometer drops to 50° below zero."
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