dog crusoe

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Creator Ballantyne, Robert Michael
Title dog crusoe
Identifier P000414
Subject Literary Works--Fiction
Children's literature
Littérature de jeunesse
Notes print 356 p., illus.; 19 cm.
Language English
Media Text
Contributor University of Alberta
Description Also published, London: Nelson & Sons, 1861 (viii, 356p.); Boston: Crosby & Nichols, 1862 (381p.); Boston: Crosby & Nichols, 1863 (viii, 381p.); Boston: Crosby & Nichols, 1864 (381p.); Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, [186-?] (viii, 381p.); Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, [188-?] (381p.); illustrated by Henry Austin, London: Ward, Lock, [1900] (viii, 318p.); illustrated by Henry Austin, London, Melbourne & Toronto: Ward, Lock & Co., [1915?] (viii, [9]-218, [2]p.); Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, [1923?] (381p.); Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, s.d. (381p.). Published as <i>The dog Crusoe and his master </i>, London: Ward, Lock & Co., 1903 (viii, 318p.); London: T. Nelson & Sons, [19--?] (211p.); New York: C.L. Bowman & Co., 1909 (320p.); London: Juvenile Productions, 1936 (256p.). Published as <i>The dog Crusoe and his master: A story of adventure in the western prairies </i>, London: T. Nelson, 1869 (356p.); London: Blackie, 1869 (237p.); London: T. Nelson, 1873 (viii, 356p.); London: T. Nelson, 1878 (356p.); London: Nelson, 1886 (356p.); new edition, London: Nelson, 1893 (vii, 336p.); London: T. Nelson, 1894 (336p.); new edition, London: Nelson, 1898 (336p.); London: T. Nelson & Sons, 1900 (336p.); London: T. Nelson, 1901 (vi, [9]-356p.); new edition, London: T. Nelson, 1902 (vii, 211p.); London: T. Nelson, 1903 (336p.); with illustrations by William Henry Charles Groome, London, Edinburgh, Dublin & New York: Thomas Nelson & Sons, [1905?] (211, [5]p.); London & Glasgow: Blackie & Son, 1905 (v, 237p.); new edition, London: T. Nelson & Sons, 1906 (336p.); London: J. Nisbet & Co., [1907] (320p.); London: Robert Culley, [1908] (192p.); new edition, London: T. Nelson, [1909?] (vii, 336p.); London: Sunday School Union, [1910]; London: George Newnes, [1910] (318p.); London & Edinburgh: Chambers, 1911 (318p.); London: T. Nelson, 1912 (vii, 336p.); London: Cassell & Co., [1912] (318p.); London: Blackie & Son, [192-?] (237p.); London: Nelson, [1932?] (vii, 336p.); London: Juvenile Productions, s.d. (248p.). Published as <i>The dog Crusoe </i>, London: A. Dakers, [19--] (194p.); London: Blackie, [1950] (256p.); London: Collins, s.d. (316p.); with illustrations by Victor Ambrus, London: Dent and New York: Dutton, 1966 (vii, 246p.). Abridged as <i>The dog Crusoe and his master </i>, London: T. Nelson & Sons, [1909] (64p.). As <i>The dog Crusoe and his master </i>re-told and edited by Constance M. Martin, London: Philip & Tacey, [1936] (48p.).
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