Edmonton golf club, Edmonton, Alberta.

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Title Edmonton golf club, Edmonton, Alberta.
Identifier GM.NA-1244-3
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Edmonton, Alberta - Buildings
Edmonton, Alberta - Personalities
Beck, N. D.
Bower, Mrs.
Braithwaite, Mrs.
Bridges, C. W. S.
Calvert, Miss
Emery, E. C.
Fielders, Miss
Foote, W. L.
Hardisty, Mrs. R. S.
Jellett, Mrs.
Lay, J. M.
Lay, Mrs. J. M.
Lines, I. W.
Kirkpatrick, G. R. F.
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. G. R. F.
McLenaghan, A. B.
McLeod, Miss
McNichol, A. N.
Rattan, R.
Robertson, Miss
Slocock, Miss
Slocock, Miss C.
Slocock, Miss. R.
Slocock, R. F.
Taylor, Alex
Taylor, Mrs. Alex
Thom, Miss
Wilson, Mrs. H. C.
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Description Bicycles and horse in front of building. + L-R on balcony: E. C. Emery; J. M. Lay; C. W. S. Bridges; Mrs. H. C. Wilson; Alex Taylor; Mrs. Alex Taylor; Mrs. G. R. F. Kirkpatrick; I. W. Lines. + L-R standing: G. R. F. Kirkpatrick; W. L. Foote; Miss Slocock; A. B. McLenaghan; Mrs. Jellett, front; N. D. Beck; A. N. McNichol; R. Rattan, at extreme right at horse's head. + L-R sitting: Miss Thom; Mrs. J. M. Lay, back; Miss Felders, back; Miss C. Slocock; Mrs. Braithwait, back; Mrs. R. S. Hardisty; Miss R. Slocock, back; Mrs. Bower; Miss McLeod; Miss Robertson, back; Miss Calvert, with black tie; two unknown children; R. F. Slocock.
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