Group of pioneers, Innisfail, Alberta.

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Title Group of pioneers, Innisfail, Alberta.
Identifier GM.NA-1709-14
Subject Innisfail, Alberta - Personalities
Bourchier, Philip James
Carter, C. D.
Douglas, Harry
Geary, William
Kirkham, G. S.
Kremer, N.
Kremer, Sandy
Laycock, Mr.
Malcolm, G. G.
Mayley, Mr.
McCallum, Charlie
MCDermott, Hiram
Onsum, Thomas G.
Pile, Tom
Wells, Thomas
White, Thomas
Woods, Casey
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Contributor Alouette Canada
Description Outside Hiram McDermott's jewellery store. + L-R bak row, standing: Thomas White; N. Kremer; Thomas Wells; Tom Pile, barber; Sandy Kremer; G. S. Kirkham; Casey Woods; Doctor C. D. Carter, dentist; Thomas G. Onsum; Mr. Mayley; Mr. Laycock; Charlie McCallum; Philip James Bourchier; Harry Douglas; Doctor G. G. Malcolm; William Geary; Hiram McDermott. + L-R front row, sitting: unknown; unknown; unknown.
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