Women and baby carriages, Didsbury, Alberta.

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Title Women and baby carriages, Didsbury, Alberta.
Identifier GM.NA-703-10
Subject Women's clothing
Children's clothing
Didsbury, Alberta - Personalities
Didsbury, Alberta - Dwellings
Baby carriages
Ballard, Mrs.
Chambers, Edith
Chambers, Mrs.
Findlay, George
Findlay, Mrs. Jack
Finkle, Mrs
Geiger George
Geiger, Mrs.
Hallman, Mrs. J.
Harbottle, Mrs.
Huget, Aleda
Huget, Melvin
Huget, Mrs.
Jackson, Miss
Kalbfliesh, Mrs. Louis
Liesemer, Evelyn
Liesemer, Laura
Liesemer, Mrs. George
Liesemer, Mrs. W. G.
Liesemer, George
Martin, Donald
Martin, Mrs. Bob
Murray, Mrs.
Perren, Margaret
Perren, Mrs.
Siebert Mrs. H.
Studer, Mrs.
Studer, Winnie
Weigand, David
Weigand, Mrs.
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Contributor Alouette Canada
Description Almost every woman was supposed to have been wheeling a baby buggy that year! + L-R in line: Mrs. Huget with Aleda and Melvin Huget; Mrs. Weigand with David Weigand; Mrs. H. Siebert; Mrs. J. Hallman; Mrs. Murray; Mrs. Harbottle; Mrs. Studer with Winnie Studer; Mrs. Chambers with Edith Chambers; Mrs. Perren with Margaret Perren; Mrs. Geiger with George Gieger; unknown; Mrs. Bob Martin with Donald Martin; unknown; Mrs. Jack Findlay with George Finaly; Mrs. Liesemer with Laura, Evelyn and Ongeha Liesemer; Mrs. Louis Kalbfliesh; Mrs. Finkle; Miss Jackson with Mrs. O. Hembling's children. + L-R at gate, background: Mrs. Ballard; Mrs. W. G. Liesemer
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