Hungarian interview - George Fulop

MHSO, and Susan Galos, Hungarian interview - George Fulop, 1977.

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Creator MHSO
Susan Galos
Title Hungarian interview - George Fulop
Published MHSO, and Susan Galos, Hungarian interview - George Fulop, 1977.
Identifier nlc-bnc.bvas.nlc-bnc.bvas.hungarian.22
Subject Fulop, George
Hungarian Canadian
Oral history
Language English
Media Audio
Contributor Alouette Canada
Description George Fulop describes his early years in Hungary as a very difficult time. His family often did not have enough food to eat. Mr. Fulop's father had left Hungary for Canada when Mr. Fulop was only six months old. Eventually he sent for the rest of the family to join him, and Mr. Fulop describes the trip they took across the Atlantic to Canada. The family settled in Tillsonburg, Ontario, where they farmed tobacco. He describes how tobacco was 'worked' at that time. Mr. Fulop's father died when he was 15, so he and his brother, then 17, took over management of the farm. Mr. Fulop married, and he talks about his early years of marriage and how they continued to build up the farms. At one point he decided to venture into motel operations, but gave that up and returned to tobacco farming. He talks about the present state of farming and his concerns for future. Mrs. Fulop describes the responsibilities she has on the farm, such as preparing meals and washing clothes for the workers. Mr. and Mrs. Fulop express their opinions on welfare, stating their belief that it encourages inactivity.
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