Hungarian interview - Andy Balasz

MHSO, and Susan Galos, Hungarian interview - Andy Balasz, 1977.

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Notice bibliographique du document
Créateur MHSO
Susan Galos
Titre Hungarian interview - Andy Balasz
Adresse bibliographique MHSO, and Susan Galos, Hungarian interview - Andy Balasz, 1977.
Identificateur nlc-bnc.bvas.nlc-bnc.bvas.hungarian.23
Sujet Balasz, Andy
Hungarian Canadian
Oral history
Langue Anglais
Média Audio
Collaborateur Alouette Canada
Description Andy Balasz talks about his family and early life in the region of Transylvania (present-day Romania). He provides information about his father's occupation, and the decision to immigrate to Canada. Mr. Balasz describes how they came to Canada and their arrival. His family settled in south-western Ontario, and he describes what life was like for them in that area. He provides information on his business connections and enterprises. Mr. Balasz then offers his view on Canadian 'ethnic culture.' Mr. Balasz served as Mayor of Tillsonburg, Ontario, and Chairman of an Industrial Commission. He shares his thoughts on Quebec and bilingualism in Canada.
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