Hungarian interview - Peter Forbath

MHSO, and Magda Zalan, Hungarian interview - Peter Forbath, 1978.

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Creator MHSO
Magda Zalan
Title Hungarian interview - Peter Forbath
Published MHSO, and Magda Zalan, Hungarian interview - Peter Forbath, 1978.
Identifier nlc-bnc.bvas.nlc-bnc.bvas.hungarian.28
Subject Forbath, Peter
Hungarian Canadian
Oral history
Language English
Media Audio
Contributor Alouette Canada
Description Peter Forbath introduces himself and explains when and how he came to Canada from Hungary. While studying in Hungary in 1948, Dr. Forbath made the decision to emigrate. Finally in 1956, he was able to escape from Budapest to Vienna. From Austria, Dr. Forbath went to France. Initially wanting to immigrate to the United States, Mr. Forbath ended up in Canada, and he explains how this happened. Dr. Forbath arrived in Halifax, and made his way west, via Montreal, to Toronto. His first job in Toronto was working at the I.O.D. Hospital for Children. Dr. Forbath explains how he had to take examinations in order to have his qualifications certified in Canada. Around this point, he decided to give up on his plans to move to the United States and began to settle in Canada. Dr. Forbath compares the Hungarian and Canadian medical systems, in particular the hospitals in both countries, and also a typical work day in a Budapest hospital versus one at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. Dr. Forbath went back to Hungary on a trip with a team of Canadian doctors. At St. Michael's Hospital, Dr. Forbath works as a pediatrician, but also spends some time working in cardiology.
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