Kit, Used for Wood-burning, c. 1900s,

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Creator Freshwater, Norman
Title Kit, Used for Wood-burning, c. 1900s,
Published Vancouver : Museum of Vancouver
Identifier 68720
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Contributor Museum of Vancouver
Description Designs or letters can be burned into wood by means of a heated metal wand. This wood burning kit was made in Toronto in 1903.
<div class="field-item field-item-0">a) Hinged lid; swinging clasp at front centre; wood-burned floral and leaf decoration on 4 sides; b) bottle, square; c) bottle, round, flaring to shoulders; d) wick for c); e) cork for c), metal guide at top; f) aluminum, cylindrical, spiral grooves; g) conical with spherical top, 2 hinged brass rings at base; h) cork with round metal fitting, 2 cylindrical projections; i) tapered cylinder, metal cylinder protrudes at both ends;j)metal point, engraved "Farny"; k) cylindrical, green label has instructions; l) cylindrical, flat; m) tall, square, says "Pyrography art stain..."; n) same as m) but handkerchief around top; o) marked "Pyrography art glass".</div><div class="field-item field-item-1">A) BOX WITH LID; B) BOTTLE; C) BUNSEN BURNER; D) WICK; E) CORK; F) CAP; G) GLASS LID; H) CORK AND GAS FITTING; I) CORK HANDLE; J) TIP; K) & L) CONTAINER FOR TIP; M) & N)BOTTLES OF STAIN; O) BOTTLE OF GLASS.</div>
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