John Fraser stained glass box c. 1920s

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Creator Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs.
Title John Fraser stained glass box c. 1920s
Published Vancouver : Museum of Vancouver
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Contributor Museum of Vancouver
Description <div class="field-item field-item-0">This is one of six stained glass trinket or jewellery boxes with hinged lids made in Vancouver, ca. 1920, by John Fraser (H982.1.20 and H990.287.8-12). The medium, motifs and lines of the boxes all suggest a medieval and romanticist influence, characteristics of the Arts & Crafts Movement, launched in England by William Morris in the 1860s. It was seen as a rebellion against the lack of style, craftsmanship and taste brought on by the Industrial Revolution and mass-produced decorative arts. The Movement used natural and medieval themes and romanticism to sway the public away from the decorative excesses of the Victorian era. Its popularity increased from the 1880s through the 1910s, both in Europe and North America. The element most characteristic of this style in these boxes is the stylized floral motifs, in particular the rose, popularized to almost ever-present prominence by the works of Charles Rennie Macintosh, famed Scottish designer, artist and architect from the 1890s to the 1920s. Given that John Fraser was also from Scotland, the stylized rose motif would have been well-known to him. John Fraser apprenticed for seven years with an art glass firm in Scotland and arrived in Vancouver in 1912 via Chicago. After working for Wm. N. O'Neil Co., and then for Consolidated Leaded Glass Co., and Bogardus-Wickens, Fraser founded his own business in 1922, the Fraser Glass Co., later the J. Fraser Glass Works. He died in the late 1950s. See also H982.1.1-20, and H990.287.8-14 and .20-23 for other works by John Fraser.</div><div class="field-item field-item-1">HAND MADE</div>
<div class="field-item field-item-0">a)-b)stylized pattern of flower and leaves in different colours for each side;centre flowers on lid vary, surrounding buds are similar to the ones on the sides;box and lid lined with blue glass;stands on four feet</div><div class="field-item field-item-1">A)BOX;B)LID</div>
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