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Creator Fountain, Muriel
Title game
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Description Solitary games may involve calculation and concentration, or physical dexterity and hand-eye coordination, or may simply be diverting ways of passing the time. Card games for a single player, called Patience games in England, originated in Germany during the late 18th century and became popular when they found favour with Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). The queen herself was fond of Cup and Ball, a very old game which involves tossing a ball on the end of a string into a handheld cup. She explained to her Prime Minister that she did it "with perfect steadiness, patience, perseverance and tranquility which is the only way to do anything." In our time, some devotees of electronic games argue that these activities help them improve mental and physical skills; others admit that they are just fun! The rules and origin of this game are unknown, but it is probably a form of Solitaire. The cardboard cover has 21 holes in it; the box holds 59 small metal marbles of various colours.
<div class="field-item field-item-0">small box, top has 21 holes;bottom contains 59 marbles</div><div class="field-item field-item-1">A)BOX TOP;B)BOX BOTTOM;MARBLES</div>
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