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Creator Goodall, Joan (Mrs.)
Title game
Published Vancouver : Museum of Vancouver
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Language English
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Contributor Museum of Vancouver
Description Knucklebones, which originally were the bones of sheep, were first used for divination purposes, then as dice, and finally as game pieces. The game was played by the ancient Greeks and Romans and is still popular with children throughout the world. In Canada, we call the game Jacks and use star-shaped metal playing pieces. The modern game is a test of dexterity. The knucklebones are tossed in the air and caught on the back of the hand, thrown again, and caught in the palm. A variation involves throwing a ball into the air, picking up a bone without disturbing the others, and catching the ball before it hits the ground. These knucklebones and ball, which may have originated in England, are ceramic.
a game consisting of one ball and 4 cubes;a small pink drawstring bag to carry them in
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