Toy nesting egg c. 1930-50

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Notice bibliographique du document
Créateur Banfield, W. Orson
Titre Toy nesting egg c. 1930-50
Adresse bibliographique Vancouver : Museum of Vancouver
Identificateur 68972
Langue Anglais
Média Image
Collaborateur Museum of Vancouver
Description <div class="field-item field-item-0">9 wooden nesting eggs in 2 parts which screw together;inner eggs striped;box printed</div><div class="field-item field-item-1">a-b) egg; c-d) egg; e-f) egg; g-h) egg; i-j) egg; k-l) egg; m) half of egg; n, q) egg; o-p) egg; r-s) box and lid</div>
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