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Creator Sullivan, Shirley, (Mrs.)
Title doll; clothing
Published Vancouver : Museum of Vancouver
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Description <div class="field-item field-item-0">The earliest Canadian dolls were those made by the Aboriginal peoples out of ivory, bone, wood, fur, leather, and corn husks. European settlers also crafted dolls from indigenous materials. During the late 19th century, as Canada entered the industrial era, Canadian children played with commercially produced dolls, usually made in Germany. The first Canadian toy firm was established in Ontario in 1911; however, not until the First World War, when German imports were cut off and anti-German feeling was prevalent, did Canadian companies capture a significant share of the doll market. During the lean Depression years, many Canadian toy factories closed their doors. However, as the economy expanded during the 1940s and 1950s, new firms produced dolls labelled "Made in Canada". The Toronto based Reliable Toy Company was founded in 1920. By 1928 it was the largest producer of dolls in Canada, and by 1935, the largest in the British Empire. As well as making "mama" dolls, which had bisque heads on composition baby bodies, Reliable manufactured dolls representing such well known figures as Shirley Temple, Barbara Ann Scott, and Pebbles Flintstone. When the company was dissolved in 1985, it had produced more dolls than any other firm in Canada. This large doll, one of a series called Babykins, was made by the Reliable Toy Company of Canada beginning in 1956. She has sleeping blue eyes with eyelashes, an open-closed mouth, and molded brown hair. Her head is made from vinyl; her one piece body, from vinyl flex. She is still wearing her original diaper with the manufacturer's label pinned to it. This doll is one of an extensive collection which was donated to the Vancouver Museum by Shirley Sullivan.</div><div class="field-item field-item-1">DOLL MARKED -RELIABLE TOY CO., 20-1, CANADA-</div>
a)one -babykins- infant doll;soft plastic head with moulded features and hair;moveable lids, glass eyes with nylon lashes;lips painted red-brown;arms, legs and trunk of soft rubber skin, stuffed;hole at center back of neck creates a wailing sound;b)pink cotton gown;fitted bodice, full gathered skirt with ruffle at bottom;elbow length puffed sleeves;blue and white trim on bodice and ruffle;long blue satin bow and ribbon on center front bodice;back snap closure;c)one pink cotton bonnet with large ruffle framing face;blue and white trim;blue satin ribbon drawstring and bow;d)petticoat, white cotton with flounce at bottom, sleeveless;back snap closure;e)pair of flesh coloured plastic pants;elasticized waist and leg holes;f)pair of white cotton flannel diapers, steel safety pins at sides;marked -babykins/a reliable doll-;g-h)two pink fluffy cotton booties with cotton piping trim;lace-up fronts
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