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Creator Holmes, Caswell (estate) (Mr.)
Title game
Published Vancouver : Museum of Vancouver
Identifier 69240
Language English
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Contributor Museum of Vancouver
Description The company of Parker Brothers, one of the most famous producers of games, was founded by George Parker (1867-1953) of Salem, Massachusetts in 1883. Over the next decades he and his brothers popularized such games as Tiddledy Winks, Ping Pong, MahJong, and, their bestseller, Monopoly. During the late years of the 19th century and the early years of the 20th, people on both sides of the Atlantic were fascintated with the occult. Seances and tableturning became popular activities and the Ouija Board, which was invented by the Fuld Brothers in the 1890s, was all the rage. The game Fortune's Wheel, which was copyrighted by the Parker Brothers in 1903, may have been an attempt to capitalize on this interest; however, the game has no connection with the supernatural and was intended to be simply an amusing pastime. Players spin the wheel and locate their birthday on the wheel. They draw a card and fill in the blanks according to their date of birth. One possible result is "You are in love with an honest poitician who is most fond of a tin soldier." The instructions promise a "very merry and mixedup" time. Fortune's Wheel, which was copyrighted by Parker Brothers in 1903, was played by the family of Alfred Holmes who came to Vancouver in 1895. The game was a gift from the two boys of the family, Bonner and Caswell, to their mother.
<div class="field-item field-item-0">a)wooden frame with one wooden divider near right side wall;floor of large part of box has printed circle with phrases such as -do not let...know about...- radiating around perimeter;cardboard wheel mounted on metal pin at center spins freely, has birthdates and horoscope symbols;box has floral decorations at corners;smaller part of box contains cards;b)picture of little girl with fairies dancing around her skirt hem, says -fortune's wheel, the new fortune telling game-;c-gg)small rectangular cards, each bearing messages ;b)inside of lid has instructions for playing game</div><div class="field-item field-item-1">A)BOX AND WHEEL;B)LID;C-GG)CARDS</div>
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