Wood block ship puzzle

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Creator Holmes, Caswell (estate) (Mr.)
Title Wood block ship puzzle
Published Vancouver : Museum of Vancouver
Identifier 69242
Language English
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Contributor Museum of Vancouver
Description <div class="field-item field-item-0">a) purple exterior; b) purple exterior; picture of ship with smokestacks and vestigal masts, 3 flags; marked "Schiffsbankasten, shipbuilding patented...- in 4 languages, German, French, English, Spanish; c) base of ship, tapered at ends with shallow slots; d) prow piece; e)triangular;f-q)rectangular blocks;r)rudder;s-u)rectangular, one curved edge;v)rectangle, 4 projections;w,x)same as v) but also one shallow hole;y,z)square blocks;aa,bb)rectangular, curved upper surface, single projection;cc-ee)same as aa,bb) but smaller;ff,gg)stocky columns, single projection;hh)right-angled block;ii) tall column; jj,kk) stocky columns, single projection; ll) short mast with metal spreader, liner rigging; mm) same as ll) but with paper German flag on pin at top; nn) paper flag, American, on pin. [Height: a) 4.1; b) 1.5] [Width: a) 17.8; b) 16.4] [Length: a) 31.1; b) 33.0]</div><div class="field-item field-item-1">A,B)BOX;C-MM)WOODEN PARTS OF SHIP;NN)PAPER FLAG</div>
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