Donkey card game

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Creator Holmes, Caswell (estate) (Mr.)
Title Donkey card game
Published Vancouver : Museum of Vancouver
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Contributor Museum of Vancouver
Description During the 18th century, ideas about what were appropriate pastimes for children began to change. Over the next hundred years, more and more books and games appeared which were specifically intended for the young. Board games such as Snakes and Ladders and card games such as Happy Families found favour with youthful gamesters. Card games that did not use a regular deck of playing cards also won the approval of religious groups who objected to traditional cards as "instruments of the devil". The card game Donkey is similar to Old Maid. Players pass cards and attempt to collect four of a kind. When they do so, the matched cards are eliminated. The player left with the Donkeycard at the end of the game is the loser. This 105 card deck, which was made during the last decade of the 19th century, is for the game Donkey. The cards are numbered 1 to 13 and there are eight cards bearing each number. The extra card has a picture of a donkey on it and whoever is left with it at the end of the game is the loser.
<div class="field-item field-item-0">reverse sides of all cards identical, all have floral and leaf pattern with white flowers, yellow leaves;obverse, sides of some cards have one of the numbers from 1 to 13, other cards have one of the letters from a to z in decorative borders;one card has picture of donkey</div><div class="field-item field-item-1">CARDS</div>
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