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Creator Holmes, Caswell (estate) (Mr.)
Title game
Published Vancouver : Museum of Vancouver
Identifier 69249
Language English
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Contributor Museum of Vancouver
Description The company of Parker Brothers, one of the most famous producers of games, was founded by George Parker (1867-1953) of Salem, Massachusetts in 1883. Over the next decades he and his brothers popularized such games as Tiddledy Winks, Ping Pong, Mah Jong, and, their bestseller, Monopoly. The board game Penny Post was copyrighted by the Parker Brothers in 1892. Penny Post was copyrighted by the Parker Brothers of Salem, Massachesetts in 1883. Unfortunately, the board and instructions for the game are missing. The playing pieces four postmen made from metal and dozens of small letters are intact. The game was played by the family of Alfred Holmes who came to Vancouver in 1895. One of the letters, originally blank, has "Mrs. Holmes, 13 Chesnut Street" printed on it in pencil.
<div class="field-item field-item-0">a)marked -the game of penny post, published and copyrighted by parker brothers, salem, mass., u.s.a.-;has picture of postman with mailbag, in round border resembling medal at left;has picture of large building with american flag, surrounded by crown, at center;has decorative border of red tendril patterns around edge;b)tip, figure of postman on round base, blue;c)same, red;d)same, green;e)same, golden;f)assorted miniature cards representing letters, some printed, some handwritten-</div><div class="field-item field-item-1">A)BOX, LID;B-E)MARKERS;F)CONTENTS (MINIATURE LETTERS)</div>
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