Philological essays.

London, Bell, 1868.

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Creator Key, Thomas Hewitt, 1799-1875.
Title Philological essays.
Published London, Bell, 1868.
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Notes xiv, 336 p.
On the representatives of ava in allied languages; On the prepositions evi, in, and related words; On the Latin prepositions re and pro; On the German prefix ver and allied forms; Post and aft the same word; On the so-called 'a private'; The Latin et, que, atque (ac) and the Greek [kai, te] all of one origin; On the Latin particles aut, an, ne; On plural forms in Latin with a singular meaning, and especially on Virgil's use of menta; Excrescent consonants; On false division of suffixes; Quaeritur: The Sanskrit language as the basis of linguistic science; and the labours of the German school in that field - are they not over-valued? - First part; Quaeritur - Second part; Postcript to Quaeritur.
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